Any Brand Servicing

Chris is the local expert for the Northern Rivers Filtered Fresh product range in installation, servicing and and maintaining already existing filtration systems that are already in place.

Chris understands that servicing any brand of water cooler is vital to maintaining a safe and healthy environment when delivering an endless supply of pure filtered, crystal clear drinking water.

Chris can arrange and provide a program to service any water cooler that you may already have in place within your home of office. This service could include changing the filters, cleaning and sanitizing equipment to ensure that you continue to get the most out of your water cooler no matter what brand.

Chris can replace the filters in your water cooler no matter which brand of cooler you already have installed ensuring that your water continues to be contaminant free. See Quality Filters

When sterilising your equipment we use products recommended by the World Health Organisation for maintaining the purity of water under any conditions. See Regular Servicing

All services provided by Chris are designed to ensure the healthiest, cleanest and safest water is delivered to you.

Call Chris Ryan now for a free quote on 0414229114

Alternatively contact Chris through our Contact Us Page.

Plumbed In Coolers

Plumbed in water coolers

Take the hassle out of refilling your water chiller by opting for a plumbed in solution. Mains fed water coolers are a direct connect water cooler meaning that they connect directly to your mains water supply. Ask us about our range of counter top and freestanding systems filtration systems and start saving now. More Info

Refillable Water Coolers

Lady filling water cooler

Filtered Fresh Water Coolers are small filtration and purification units that can be easily installed into your home and office, providing you with an unlimited supply of the purest, fresh tasting water at the lowest cost. And with the advantage of no annoyances, environmental or health issues surrounding bottled water. More Info

From $11 Per Week + GST

  • Unlimited pure filtered drinking water.
  • No Obligation 14 day free trial.
  • No setup fees.
  • We replace filters twice a year so you receive and unlimited supply of crystal clear water 24/7.
  • Product advice and Installation is included for the low price of $11 per week + GST.
  • WHS Benefits - "No waiting on deliveries, lifting heavy bottles or storage problems" More Info